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23 Apr

A short story before this post…a few months ago my husband decided to get a smart phone. Since they were having a BOGO sale, I got one too. I quickly loaded wordpress to my phone and was excited to try posting from it yesterday. The only problem is that I wasn’t smart enough to remember to post.

Ellen and Mary were smart this week and both correctly guessed some of the companies that belong to the mottos. Mary also shared some great mottos of her own.

My mottos are two: all things are possible — except skiing through a revolving door and Everyone is rooting for you; you can do it (got that one on a fortune cookie while carbo loading before my 1st marathon.)

I’m embarrassed to admit that this week I can’t answer my own question.  My writing motto is still a work in progress.  For once, I have too much writing (if you haven’t noticed, my writing is usually short and choppy) to narrow down to a motto. Instead, I came up with writing guidelines and a purpose statement:

Purpose Statement: The purpose of my writing is to use my unique voice to look into myself and encourage self-discovery in others.


  1. No more outlines! Write intuitively.
  2. Don’t force it.  If the voice isn’t there, work on something else (like revision).
  3. In the first draft especially, say what you want to say.  Worry about the specifics later.
  4. Believe that you are here because you have something to say.  Quiet the critic so you can say it.
  5. Balance the physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.
  6. Nurture your writing with visual reminders, quotes from other writers, support, and a safe environment to enter into writing in a sacred way.

And now, the list you’ve been waiting for.  The answers for the mottos (from the Planet of Success blog) are:

  1. Dell – “Yours is here”
  2. Fujitsu – “The possibilities are infinite”
  3. Google – “Don’t be evil” formerly“Search, Ads and Apps”
  4. Intel – “Leap Ahead” and “Sponsors of Tomorrow”
  5. KFC – “Finger Lickin’ Good”
  6. LG – “Life’s Good”
  7. L’Oreal – “Because I’m worth it” – [original: “Parce que je le vaut bien”]
  8. MGM – “Arts for Art’s Sake” [original: “Ars Gratia Artis”]
  9. Microsoft – “Where do you want to go today?”
  10. McDonald´s – “I’m lovin’ it”
  11. Nokia –Connecting People”
  12. Panasonic – “Ideas for life”
  13. Macy´s – “Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer.”
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