Binder Nut

18 Mar

First, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU! The blog reached 1,000 all-time views this week. It is pretty exciting for me to think that people have seen my writing 1,000 times. Thanks for being (at least) one of those times!

This week’s favorite answer was from Mary:

I write it down. post its, backs of envelopes, backs of receipts, palms of hands, (MY hands, although walking up to someone else and jotting a note on their hands… tee hee.) I have a small journal in my purse that I use to write travel musings or strange things I’ve observed that I don’t want to forget. Remind me to tell you about the sign in CT that marked an amusement park and airport. The SAME sign. One hopes they are not the same thing — an airport cum amusement park. GASP.

But I digress. In my journal, I also have notes from my computer class and notes from recent work meetings. And shopping lists, hangman games, recipes etc. I had this hope that some day, many years from now, I or someone else would use my journals to produce a work of fiction ala Laura Ingalls Wilder but starring a child of the 80s. But that’s kind of hopeless given the state of my journal — crammed with post its, envelopes and receipt detritus. It would be a short work of fiction: once upon a time, long, long ago, before the internet or hybrid cars, their lived a hopelessly disorganized mess of a human with a penchant for collecting random thoughts — and for buying beans, cat treats and ricotta cheese.

Maybe you’ll have far better luck! Write it down. Or employ more modern technology: Dad used to have a minirecorder and I had a boss who would call my voice mail and leave ME messages of things SHE wanted to remember.

I especially like Mary’s description of the short piece of fiction that would come from her journal.  I’m looking forward to hearing more about that sign.

Those closest to me know I’m a binder nut. I had a wedding binder with tabbed sections and color-coded paper clips. I had a job search binder ordered by most to least preferred place of employment. I even have a smaller, but equally organized folder for Mister’s baptism. So, it is no surprise that I also have a writing binder. Actually, two. In one binder is a tabbed section labeled “ideas.” When I get an idea, I write it in list form in this section. Sometimes the idea comes with notes or a title or a plot line. Sometimes it is just a character trait or name or even one word. I’m not picky. Everything that could maybe some day have potential to be worked into a story gets written down. And if I’m not home or can’t get to the binder? I have a notepad in the diaper bag, a notebook under the bed, scrap paper in the center console of the car, and post-its throughout the house to capture those ideas before I lose them. Now if I could just remember where I put my pencil…

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